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Crises and opportunities faced by PCB SMEs in 2021

1. The status of the PCB industry ▌1.1 PCB industry definition PCB (printed circuit board) is an important electronic component, mainly composed of two types of materials, insulating base material and conductor, which play a supporting and interconnecting role in electronic equipment. The main advantage of using circuit boards is to greatly reduce wiring and […]

Overview of PCB Technology Development

1. Introduction to PCB and SMT PCB design The design of the printed circuit board is based on the circuit schematic diagram, combined with external connection layout, internal electronic component optimization layout, and other factors, to realize the design process of the functions required by the circuit designer. Simple layout design can be realized by […]

All you want to know about Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB combines the best characteristics of rigid PCB and flexible PCB, making it easier for manufacturers to install PCBs in small spaces. The increased flexibility allows manufacturers to accurately and easily manipulate the board during installation. Before using them, you must first understand all the basic knowledge of the rigid-flex boards. 1.What is a […]

Rigid-flex PCB current market, growth and business prospects

In this report, we will discuss about the rigid-flex PCB market demand, growth and business prospects. The growth of the global rigid-flex PCB market from 2020 to 2025 On the basis of presenting the current situation of the industry, the report will mainly conduct in-depth research on the development environment, market size, development trend, operating […]

Why is PCB panelization important?

You’ve just sketched up the perfect PCB design. You carefully laid out your components and traces to allow for optimal EMI/EMC and thermal considerations. You even made sure your board fits perfectly within the tight enclosure of your final product. There’s just one problem. You call up your favorite fabrication house to find out that […]

Difficulties in making rigid-flex PCB

With the continuous expansion of market demand for portable electronic products, electronic devices are becoming more and more light, thin, short, small, and multifunctional. In particular, the application of flexible boards for high-density interconnects structures (HDI) will greatly promote the rapid development of flexible printed circuit technology. With the development and improvement of printed circuit […]

In what environment is it best to use a rigid-flex PCB?

The birth and development of FPC and PCB gave birth to a new product of rigid-flex PCB. The rigid-flex PCB is a circuit board with FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics by combining the flexible circuit board and the rigid circuit board after pressing and other processes in accordance with the relevant process requirements in PCB […]

How much influence does PCB panel design have on SMT production efficiency?

PCB panelization is to combine several small PCB units with various connection methods. Common panelization includes AA sequential  panelization, AB positive and negative panelization, AA rotating panelization, AB panelization, ABC mixed panelization, and so on. PCB design engineers usually consider the structural size, electrical performance, component layout, and other functional aspects of the product when […]

5G will change the category requirements structure of PCB

5G is coming soon China’s current 5G testing and pilot work are progressing smoothly. China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom’s three major operators have similar 5G development plans. In 2018, they will continue to expand the scale of field trials and in 2019, they will conduct commercial trials and formally commercialize them in 2020. […]